ON THE bench

During lockdown, as I am sitting alone on empty benches, it is impossible to not reflect on the huge discrepancies and inequalities highlighted by the intense suffering of the most vulnerable and more isolated citizens. At the same time, communities have bonded together, responding quickly to offer support and new friendships have been forged. The images bellow capture some of the contradictions of the covid-19 era.

view from my window

mounted police checking on shielding neighbours  

protest at Golden Lane

Golden Lane residents protesting against construction site that hasn’t closed down despite the lockdown

Patel refuses to take children

from Greek camps threatened by Covid-19. (The above campaign appeared on the same day)

A clown for PM, grafitti in Shoreditch

Political posters dotted around Brick Lane



hungry birds

…looking for people for feeding sessions (crisps preferred to bread) and general chat

empty stores

…looking for people; lonely card machine in search for credit card, for non socially-distant purchase date

secretly living my best (quiet) life*


*Covid-19 has been devastating for many people who I care about the most: BAME, the elderly, disabled, NHS and care-home workers and all those on the front line. However, the lockdown has led to a sensory under-load that in some respects was a welcome respite for me as a neurodivergent person. David Bowie is blasting through a neighbour's window overheard during daily walk.